I was born in Peoria, IL where I became a Chicago Cubs fan, but I was raised in Springfield, MO leading to my K.C. Chiefs roots.

I traded the Ozark Mountains for the Rockies during my college years and this where I first discovered the allure of craft beer.

In Colorado, I conquered my fear of commitment after meeting Jennifer, my partner in every sense of the word and Tie & Timber’s head brewer.

One question I get asked time and again is: Why are you starting a brewery in Springfield, MO?  I love this question because there are so many great answers.

We all know Springfield is a kick-ass city to call home, but it’s also not too shabby a place to set-up shop. A Forbes.com contributor recently dubbed our city “great for business” alongside the likes of Austin, Seattle, and Las Vegas. WalletHub.com ranks Springfield #11 in their list of “best cities for starting a business in 2017”. These are commendable accolades if not fun bits of local trivia, but the data really backs it up. Did you know there are over 30K businesses in  Greene County with fewer than 10 employees?  In my opinion, this is a great indicator of a healthy entrepreneurial community.

I love that Springfield supports small business and local entrepreneurs, but this isn’t the sole reason we chose Springfield.

Springfield loves their local craft beer and I believe there’s a ton of room for growth. I remember that “eureka” moment convincing me Springfield was the perfect location for our vision. Jen and I were enjoying breakfast at the Early Bird Breakfast Pub. Bellied up to the bar, I counted 11 craft beers on tap; many of them local. That’s 11 taps…out of 12!  At this time there were only 4 breweries in Springfield. I’m accustomed to living in a neighborhood where a dozen breweries are within a bike ride’s reach. Cue light bulb above cranium.

I love that Springfield has a thirst for local craft beer, but this isn’t the sole reason we chose Springfield.

It truly amazes me how much my home town has changed. My father used to work on Commercial Street when warehouses actually housed wares. Now it’s a vibrant creative district with nothing but potential on the horizon. The development of downtown over the past 20 years is nothing short of spectacular. I once heard the Springfield Symphony absolutely crush Beethoven’s 9th. I’ve devoured the best BBQ on the planet at City Butcher.  And the future shows little sign of slowing down with projects like the day-lighting of Jordan Creek being discussed at city hall.

I love that Springfield is beginning to thrive economically, artistically, and culinarily and I want to be a part of this exciting growth, but this isn’t the sole reason we chose Springfield.

I haven’t lived in the same state as my family in 22 years. We are close, but only see each other annually. My brother now has 3 young children and it will be interesting and exciting experiencing the unfamiliar role of “uncle”. I hope I’m not too much of a bad influence on them. Actually, that’s not true at all.  There’s no doubt I’ll be a bad influence on them.

Life is short and I love that I will be closer to my family in Springfield, but this isn’t the sole reason we chose Springfield.

There are many reasons we chose Springfield to open our brewery, lay down roots, and invest in our future, but to be honest, I think the better question is: Why would we NOT choose Springfield?

Cheers, Curtis